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Sulfur water exercises

Hydrotherapy in Türkiye

The benefits of water are many and it is used in many treatments. It is considered one of the best methods used in treating many diseases because of the properties that are included in its composition. Therefore, we find that modern science has begun to use it in many treatments, especially with regard to physical therapy and rehabilitation.

العلاج الفيزيائي
Sulfur water exercises

What is hydrotherapy?

The physical properties of water are used to treat diseases and disorders that occur in the body’s functions, and after the development this type of treatment has witnessed in its field.
Hydrotherapy has been used to treat various diseases that patients suffer from, such as patients with joint calcification, which may be needed by different age groups, such as children, young people, the elderly, and others who may need physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Water is one of the oldest methods used in physical therapy. This is done using the thermal and hydrostatic properties of water. With the help of the buoyancy of the water, the load carried by the body is reduced, and it is possible to perform movements that cannot be performed naturally or that cause some patients a lot of pain while performing them.


What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

Standing, walking, and some exercises may lead to excessive load on the joints and injuries due to lack or weakness of muscle strength. In patients with spinal cord injuries, these exercises can be performed more comfortably and safely by taking advantage of buoyancy on the surface of the water. Also, thanks to the buoyancy of the water, standing and walking activities that are difficult to do on dry land can be done more easily and are beneficial in increasing muscle strength.

In diseases such as hemiplegia (stroke) and multiple sclerosis, activities that, due to contractures, are difficult to do on dry land, can be performed more easily through the muscle-relaxing effect provided by water.


Applications of hydrotherapy to bone diseases

After orthopedic surgery, especially in cases where it is inconvenient to put weight on the joint immediately, hydrotherapy applications can be used because the load on the joint is less. Since exercises performed out of water during rehabilitation can be challenging for the patient, more comfortable exercises can be achieved by taking advantage of the buoyancy effect of the water in the pool.

What are the main diseases in which hydrotherapy is applied?

How is hydrotherapy applied at Romer?

In our center, the application of hydrotherapy is planned personally and after examination by the specialist doctor, and is applied individually in the presence of a physiotherapist.

Since we use thermal water in the pool in our center, the effect of this therapeutic water is also beneficial. The application of hydrotherapy is very beneficial for movement in diseases such as cerebral palsy and stroke (paralysis) and contributes to the success of rehabilitation.

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